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Monday, November 28, 2011

Message In a Blog

This one is meant for a special somebody. You know who you are.

Dear You,
Over and over again, I've said that I have no regrets. I believe that every single act of mine in life lead me to where I am today. I have no intention of being another cliche, but it is true that I wouldn't have been the same person if I didn't go through all the fallen out friendships and the horrible relationships. The lies and betrayal have taught me more than I could ever put into words. Mostly, they taught me how to distinguish good from evil. They taught me how to be more appreciative of myself and of others when they are worthy. Then you came along. I became more certain of my beliefs than ever before. You know, some people would curse their luck for all the bad relationships they've been through but I...I thank God. I thank God that after all my patience, I got you. "I have what many in life are still looking for and few ever find" - quoted from the movie Message In a Bottle. I watched that movie last night and that particular phrase reminded me of you. I honestly don't know where this is going but to be frank, I only wrote this to send out one message for you. I will forever be grateful for the day you walked into my life, saving me from all my misery and saving me from myself. You let me be myself in the best of ways, in ways I could have never imagined. I have had issues with being taken for granted and so, I tell you this. For every single day of my life, I will wake up smiling and thanking God for having someone as rare as you - someone with never ending passion and continuously growing love. Now I understand what it's like to fall in love at first sight and how two people can make each other fully happy and completely satisfied. I apologize for anybody I've hurt before and I let go of anyone who has hurt me. Since the day I met you, you have made me realize that the past doesn't matter because it lead straight up to you. And so, I have no regrets. Just ever-lasting appreciation and love for the one person that breathed life back into me just when I had given up on it. Thank you for always being modest, for always thinking I'm worthy of you giving me more when you have already given me everything I could have ever hoped for. Thank you for promising you would never change and thank you for keeping that promise. Thank you for making sure I never slept one night except when overjoyed. Thank you, in advance, for always being here because I'm finally certain that you always will be.
Love always,


Aya adel said...

Yara!, this is absolutely the most touching article I've read this month! (and believe me , the hell I read a lot).
Seems that you had a lot of experience , and the way you made it come out is just amazing and the proper way, I had all of that too, but I don't have this person yet, ya ba5tek :P not envy w rbna :P
Mayy Allah bless you, and I just like your blog!

Yara Hani said...

Thank you, Aya. Sorry for the late reply but i've been swarmed with exams! Your feedback means the world, as always! :D i believe the not envy part, w ya rab you meet that person begad , it will change ur world. i know it changed mine :D. Stay posted xx