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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Role...My Definition

Okay, so I'm not sure where this is going but a friend just said the funniest thing ever to me until I came to notice it was actually so true. She said she always feels like I am the phrase "al saket 3an el 7aq shaytan a5ras"...she continued by saying "3omrek ma bteb2i el sheetan".
That was all said with a laugh. And it was after I shared with her the story of how I reduced a person to tears giving them a reality check they needed. And no, I'm really NOT mean. I just do not believe in going along with people's bullshit when I think that...well...it's bullshit. I believe that support does not lie in patting a person on the back even when you know that what they're doing is absolutely WRONG! Especially when they know it's wrong and you know that they know it but are in denial! I do not believe that a friend must sit there, observe you turning your life, single-handedly into a living hell yet smile in the name of "support".
So here is my public declaration. If you are somebody I care about, I will never stay silent watching you wrong yourself. I will never believe in this naive misconception of what constitutes being supportive. I will tell you what I honestly think once and twice and if you really are determined to take the wrong path anyway, I will stay silent but never show any indication of approval (nor disapproval). I will continue to ignore your attempts of reeling me into applauding your wrong-doings. I will shut up and not give you advise, if you are not interested. But i REFUSE to be the kind of friend who, when everything falls apart, you turn to and blame for not guiding you when you needed guiding...for keeping the truth from you when you, subconsciously, know that you needed to hear it...for being that person who treats you with hypocrisy at the time you needed her to be frank the most. I refuse to be that kind of friend. I never was and never will be.


Aya adel said...

I couldn't possibly ask for more <3, I have never been the friend who shut up and keeps the fun going for fun when I truly believe it is wrong, and one will pay for it!
I love the post as it is o true! awesome yara, keep it up

ibhog said...

Not many think that way. I salute your opinion on friendship :)