Leave me on a desserted island with nothing but a pen and a piece of paper; with those, I shall create myself another world.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In The Game of Love

We eyed the board game as we played
Silently, eachother we dared
Challengingly, we rolled the dice
And that was when our cards were laid

Darling, when did we become foes?
When did our talks turn into rows?
When did we stray from the path of love
to hit a bottom rock in the deep lows?

Honey, we used to be friends
Why don't we start making amends
Relax those shoulders and take a breath
instead of taking this obstinate defense

All i need is to understand
When did my voluntary supply turn to an un-willing demand
Why did you ball your fists so tight
When it used to be me and you, hand-in-hand

Who cares who wins, love? this is so lame
Why be wild when we can be tame
I'm sorry, I'll stop, I will say no more
I just wanted to remind you, this is just a board game


Knee said...

Did you know there is a poetic form for what you just wrote? (: It's called Rubaiyat. Pretty simple: four-line stanzas with an aaba rhyme scheme.
Here's a link to check: http://www.baymoon.com/~ariadne/form/rubaiyat.htm

You have great potential with poetry =)
Shine on~

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much =]
n about the aaba =] aaa yes, I'm aware =] I first came across it while tutoring a literature undergrad student =] ofcourse she was unaware that i was only 15 at the time =P but she ended getting an A so I didn't really feel guilty for the lie =D heh