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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wallowing In Self-Pity

Every now and then I hear a success story...a friend who got published, an acquaintance who opened her own magazine, a stranger who took his love to photography and turned it into a profession at a very young age ... and I frown. I pity all the things I always left undone. Never did I try to develop my photography. Never did I attempt to develop my writing or think of it as "professional material". Never did I consider that my creativity in design could actually progress into a work of art. And so, I always left midway. I'd always think "that's as far as I'll ever get". And now, here I stand..watching people fade away into the horizon and I stand still..with talents wasted because I never dared to dream.


deppy said...

You still young, you have so much time ahead of you. Nevertheless, I wouldn't waste my writing talent if I were you.

I'd say work on that one, write everyday, literally. Read more about writing techniques. Read much, generally. I could use a partner one day for my book (if you weren't that popular then already) ;)

About photography, next bday of yours, ask for a SLR. Take it everywhere and learn on-the-go.

My point is, get your ass up and do something. And stop whining ya me3adawaya! lol

Knee said...

=D I agree with Marwa. It's never, ever too late =)

Yara said...

I know it's never too late but the more time passes the more it seems less likely that i can accomplish anything of substance =/ ...n marwa..yeah, thats wt im trying to do (write something every day and read more and stuff)...bel nesba lel SLR..save up with my sis w gebuhali hedeyet 3idmiladi =P

deppy said...

eh ra2yek te7weshi ma3na w nekhmes feha? w teb2a hedyet 3ed meladna kolena =D

Yara said...

la2a ba2a a7awesh m3ako ok tb2a bta3etna kolena KALLA W ALF KALLA hahaha