Leave me on a desserted island with nothing but a pen and a piece of paper; with those, I shall create myself another world.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Bipolar Addiction

I've got you under my skin,
Between my fingers,
Written across my forehead,
And stamped on my chin.
I've got you around me
And I've got you deep in
Where no one can see
Where no one but me
Knows what you can do -
What you are capable of
The strength you could use
The powers you abuse
When it comes to me.
I've got you under
And I've got you on top..
Like a cloud that trails me
And rains on my parade
Like my stalker of a shade.
Does no one see
The reality?
You're viral,
I spiral
In limbo because of you..
I do!
I laugh,
I cry
and with your bidding
I live and die
and live again.
You see,
I've got you under my skin.
And only I am to blame.
I let you in.

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