Leave me on a desserted island with nothing but a pen and a piece of paper; with those, I shall create myself another world.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Letters and Broken Hearts

This one's a special dedication for a girl, a stranger I do not know; yet, she reminded me of myself in painful days and ended up being my muse for the day. I wish you well and I wish you a happier ending.

When pain consumed her from within
When it took her under and in
And threw her back to life
Simply to watch life that she couldn't have
Shattered, paralysed
And left staring at a thousand pieces
Of an antique she could never replace

When her head hit the pillow
And thoughts of him had raced
Memories she attemped to erase
And pictures she had torn
Form a collage in her mind,
Brings tears to her eyes
And punches a hole in her chest

When in her blank stares, he would hide
In her head, behind
Lingering awaiting the moment she walks
To trip her again
She tumbles again
And from the ground
She sees the stain from when her heart had bled

When that pain becomes a weight
That no painkillers could cure
And no friends could listen to
And no person could endure

She puts pen to paper
She draws skyscrapers
That have been diminished to debris.

She puts pen to paper..
And with all the strength she has left
All the hope that hasn't left yet
She writes.

She writes her pain away
Hoping that these debris..
These words..
Could be put together again..
Reformed and rephrased..
To tell a different story..
One where they do not have to be apart.
One with a happier ending.


Ze2red said...

I wish if no one would suffer, but this is how life is, full with its ups and downs.

Yara Hani said...

true yet it aches the heart to see someone create a whole realm dedicated to only one person where she could write only to him =] and to see him never fail to write back and respond immediately, despite the fact that they can not be together.