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Saturday, January 14, 2012


You love me like you will always get the chance.
You hug me like you will again in a few hours.
You turn your back quickly because you're so certain that you'll see me again.

Human nature. We all live through life, making the worst of mistakes, knowing that they have consequences and CHOOSING to overlook them. For some reason, there's always a louder voice in our head that believes we are above it all..that we are immortal..that there will always be time to turn around and alter our realities, undo our mistakes or fix what has been broken. Why are we so certain of time on our hands when we could run out at any minute? When life could end. Now.

Love me like there is no tomorrow.
Hug me like it is the last time.
Look at me like you never will again.

I won't be here forever. I won't tolerate your thoughtless mistakes and endless indifference for much longer. I won't keep making the same choice of staying on your side when you neglect me over and over again. I won't be a constant in your life.

One day, I will not want your love.
One day, our hug will be a wave goodbye.
One day, you'll only get to see my back as I walk away.

And when that day comes, I won't bother listening to the hundred apologies and the endless promises. I won't hurt over the fact that you'll be in pain. And it won't kill me to see you cry.

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