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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Never-Ending Cycle

You live your life in a bubble. Not the kind that isolates you from the world. No. What I mean is your life is always wrapped up in a bubble. You’ve got your family, friends, school or your job. Until one day one thing happens and your life is no longer what it used to be.
That one thing could be death of a loved one; somebody so critical in your life that their loss throws your whole existence off balance. That one thing could be moving to a different country where everything you know is left behind and you enter a world you are being introduced to.
Change. Nothing is immune to change. We always reject that little piece of life that throws you to a different direction. We never stop to think that the bubble always burst. That you blow air out and another bubble is formed. One that you will struggle in but eventually, get a hand of. Until it bursts again.


Aya adel said...

Glad u are back!, and you are being an activist in the blog too!!, I couldn't possibly ask for more.
loved the article, that is why, I keep holding to stuff I know, I keep holding to ppl I trust, I keep holding to a ground to stand still on, an old friend, an old song , a book, those old stuff , being old is like a magic effect which tells you that everything will be ok, I mean it just has to be ok!. My dad died 5 years now,and that didn't seem Ok then, but it is now, not because the pain is fading, but at least I have the immunity to stand this kind of pain now, trust Allah, and push as far as you can, trusting Allah won't make mountains smaller but it shall make climbing easier, Thank you for writing this! w sorry 3al ra8y :$

Yara Hani said...

Don't ever say sorry 3al raghy..believe it or not i came online hoping for a comment from you :D thank you very much, by the way! and yes, change is always good but holding on to a reminder from the past will always keep you stronger. Finding some common ground between an old life and a new one, I believe, is healthy. I completely agree, with faith, overcoming the crisis becomes easier..more managable, in a way.

p.s Rabena yer7amo w fel ganna insha2allahhh!