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Monday, March 5, 2012

Always and Forever

I look at you and see a future. I see challenges that we overcome together. I spot difficulties in the way but I have no fears. How can I when I know you will be by my side?
My love, life does not always give us what we want. But it gave me you. So how can I ever be ungrateful? How can I ever damn my luck for not having more when I already have the world?
Let me tell you this, when my heart flusters with concern and those irritating knots begin to form in my stomach, it is not because I fear the future and what it brings. It is because I become terrified at the thought of you, one day, not smiling. My heart aches at the mere idea of you becoming concerned and consumed by the unknown. Perhaps this will ease your racing heart and calm your raging mind - I will always love you. I will never leave you. In the worst of consequences and when opposing the most stubborn obstacles, my hand will always be holding yours. Because I believe that together, we can walk through the rain, brave the most disastrous storm and appear on the other side of the war zone, unharmed and with love untarnished.

Yours Forever

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