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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Love You

We take life for granted. We take the people who we love for granted. We go on about our lives doing the same things, having the same conversations and arguing over the silliest of things. We never stop to wonder what would happen if we lost that special someone.

Today, I stopped. I thought. I imagined a life in which you are gone. I trembled just at the idea and my eyes watered at the image of going around places without you by my side. Who would I call every morning? Whose laugh would I look forward to? Which arms are going to hold me when I can no longer hold my tears?

But those are just the things that naturally come to mind. Then I began to notice how every little thing of my day has got to do with you. You drive me everywhere. You are the one I call when there's this task I can't get done. You are the person who reminds me of my to-do list and practically do every item in it for me.

I pray to God I would never see a day without you. I pray to God I'd never live a life in which you are not present it. Not just because I would be lost. Not only because I would be helpless and unable to do anything and everything. I pray to God I would never lose you because the love I have for you in my heart does not allow me to live in a world where I can't see your face. I cannot bear to witness a day in which I don't see you jumping with excitement when you are happy. I can't begin to imagine a day, a single moment...in which I do not know that you are out there - keeping me safe, keeping me happy and keeping me alive.

And so, if I have ever taken you for granted, I apologize. I want you to know that I feel grateful for every minute I have you. And that every day I wake up, I know how incredibly fortunate I am to have you in my life. You ARE my life. I love you.

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